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Feel Good

If you want to experience real freedom and inner peace, You should learn to live a simple life. Don't try to solve problems by moving constantly, or by changing jobs or friends.


Return to simple things: forget your computer one day or two. And rediscover the beauty of pen and paper, eat simple, though fresh and healthy food. Wear nice, comfortable and well-made clothes. Choose a simple house in a quiet surrounding. Start the day with as few obligations as possible: enjoy an empty diary for some days. Take care of your inner life, and make some time to love your best friends.


Live now. Pay Attention to what IS, HERE and NOW. Don't make too many plans for the future, for "future happinesss" never comes true. Never ! The future is expectation. The present is real and unique. It is a gift. You experience what you believe: the powerful roaring ocean of energy where you live in and breath in, can create anything you can think of. You can create your own heaven. The mere notion of this law can change your whole life. The real source of affluence is your conscious self. Think about what you really like and what you really want and you will be surprised how unpretending your wishes are. Only take what you need, but make your choice carefully. Find your own way, make your own life. 




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