Authentic France

Goal : 

A  website to bring you information about genuine French products with all the essential qualities you expect and desire :  quality, authenticity, taste and originality. A true Gallic mix of culinary tradition and contemporary style.

Who :

All the featured suppliers are small and medium-sized private companies often run and owned by families.

Why :

They share a wish to sell their range of quality, authentic products to professional foreign buyers-and are united under the banner of Authentic France.

Values :

Authenticity, quality, tradition, originality and taste.

Authentic France

un concept de Deelen EURL

23, avenue St Lazare 
Parc des Roses - Bât D Appt 22
34000 Montpellier

Tel:  + 33 4 67 07 32 60 

Mob: +33 6 03 06 21 83

Contact: Isabella Deelen*


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